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Aishwarya Rajesh talks about Aarathu Sinam

Aishwarya Rajesh will be seen in this week’s release Aarathu Sinam directed by Arivazhagan with Arulnithi as the lead. She shares her thoughts on the film:


Your role, director Arivazhagan and Arulnithi

I play a very small but a very impactful role in the film. My name is Mia and I play Arulnithi’s wife in the film. It is a new makeover for me in a homely get up; a typical urban homemaker for whom her family is everything. I have a very beautiful family song. 


This is the first time I am working with Arivazhagan and Arulnithi. Director Arivazhagan is a very subtle and a soft spoken person. He is clear in what he wants and is very sensible. He told me that in the film, Arulnithi turns alcoholic for a girl and that I should play that role convincing enough to justify him becoming an alcoholic. I think I have justified the characterization.  I worked for just 7 days in the film and it was good working with Arulnithi. I think the husband and wife bonding in the film has worked out well.


In Kaaka Muttai, you played a mom to two boys and in Aarathu Sinam, you are again playing a mother’s role. Don’t you think you may get slotted in such roles?

I would like to do things differently. I take up roles that are convincing to me and feel that people can accept me in any kind of character. It is not about playing mother or an urban girl or a village belle. But it is all about people relating to my roles on screen and I think I am doing a good job in that. I am getting all types of characters and I am glad about the mixed bag.


Wishing Aishwarya Rajesh and Team Aarathu Sinam the best!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


Aishwarya Rajesh talks about Aarathu Sinam

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