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Diwali plans of Kollywood celebs

Diwali is that important festival of the year and we ask some of our celebs about their plans for the day!


Keerthy Suresh- It is going to be work for me and I will be shooting this Diwali.


Arun Vijay – This Diwali will be totally with my family. I might go for one of the Diwali releases. I am planning on a noise-free Diwali this year as I have pets at home. This year, it is going to be doubly happy as I got back my dog Chocky.


Vishnu Vishal
I’m shooting the previous night till 10 PM. Next day, I will be doing a small pooja with the family and later lunch with in-laws and dinner with my family, I’m off crackers for almost three years now, just a few sparklers. I will be donating some crackers and sweets to orphanages. That’s my plan for this Diwali.

Nikki Galrani
I am finally home for Diwali, taking a small break from work. I am going to be spending Diwali with family at home. It is going to be fun, although I don’t burst crackers. It is going to be an environment and pet-friendly Diwali for me. I am going to pounce on sweets, catch up with family, friends and then card parties. I am just going to have super fun.

Vedhika- This year I will be celebrating Diwali both in Mumbai and Bangalore and spending time with family and friends. We will be lighting up the whole house as every year and of course eating good food. I don’t believe in bursting crackers, one is noise pollution; secondly, it scares the animals a lot. I personally get scared of bursting crackers. In Mumbai I will be visiting my friends and will be a part of the Pooja that will happen on Diwali day.  


Manjima Mohan - I will be in Chennai this Diwali. I am scared of crackers and don’t like noise and hence I don’t burst crackers. But I like the lights and sweets!!! There are many movies coming in and I am so confused as to which one should I watch!


Nivetha Pethuraj- I've come to Dubai to spend time with my family. This is my 13th year spending Diwali in Dubai. I was so looking forward to spending it in Chennai. But I'd rather be with family and eat home food. And we do celebrate it pretty big here. Temple visits, crackers in the night and full meals. And I am planning to watch either Kaashmora or Kodi.


Megha Akash-As usual, I will be celebrating Diwali with family and friends. I am not a big fan of crackers and hence, no bursting them. On the other hand, I will be lighting the house with diyas and we will be playing games.


Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

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Diwali plans of Kollywood celebs

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