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Divya Sathyaraj on conducting nutrition workshop for Tamil refugees in Chennai

The release issue of Baahubali 2 in Karnataka is slowly coming under control after Sathyaraj issued his regret statement wherein he had reiterated that he would continue to speak for the cause and welfare of Tamils.


Not someone to be left behind, his daughter Divya Sathyaraj is also doing her bit for the Tamils. She is a nutritionist, who is working in a private hospital in Chennai and is also pursuing her doctorate in the same subject. She had recently conducted a three-day awareness workshop for Tamil refugees in Chennai from 14th to 16th April.

On this note, she tells us, “I am a nutritionist and I conduct a lot of workshops on healthy eating, diabetes during pregnancy during weekends. Educated people are aware of such topics, but the same cannot be said about people belonging to lower strata. So, for this Tamil New Year, I decided to focus on Tamil refugees who are in Chennai. The purpose of the awareness camp was to educate the Tamil refugees about healthy eating and vitamin therapy in preventing malnutrition and anemia. I chose Tamil refugees because to my father, the welfare of Tamils is something very dear and I would like to follow his path”.


Kudos to you, Divya!

Divya Sathyaraj on conducting nutrition workshop for Tamil refugees in Chennai

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