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Sathyaraj was seen regretting his statement on the Cauvery issue in 2008 earlier this morning, to pave way for a smooth release for Baahubali 2 in Karnataka. After seeing his video, many celebrities took to Twitter to appreciate the way the ace actor handled the tense situation.

"Handled with dignity, class, maturity, pride, and such swag... Love you Sathyaraj sir. #baahubali #kattappa" - Siddharth

"Respect to #Sathyaraj uncle for his words n thoughts.  #heartfelt" - Vasuki Bhaskar

"வாழ்த்துவதற்கு வயது இல்லை , வணங்குகிறேன் ஐயா #sathyaraj @Sibi_Sathyaraj" - Vikranth

"True words from a legend .. @Sibi_Sathyaraj brother pls  convey my thanks to dad , TAMIL vazvadhu evrai pola sila nalla ullangal erupadhal" - Sam Anton

"Huge respect to Sathyaraj Sir @Sibi_Sathyaraj" - Karunakaran

"Bang on what appa said machi huuggeee respect  pls convey my wishes to appa @Sibi_Sathyaraj" - Shanthanu


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Celebrities appreciate Sathyaraj's regret video over Baahubali 2 Karnataka release issue

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