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Great India Films in partnership with Prime Media to release Baahubali 2 in America and Canada

Great India Films is proud to share that Bahubali-2 is going to have a mammoth release in North America. Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi versions will be released in over 1050 screens. The USA will have about 900 screens, and Canada is going to have over 150 screens.

In USA alone, Baahubali-2 Telugu is releasing in about 400+ screens in about 300 locations, Tamil is releasing in about 200+ screens in about 180 locations, Hindi is releasing in about 300+ screens in about 250 locations.


In Canada, Baahubali-2 will have around 150+ screens in about 80+ locations for Hindi, Telugu & Tamil.

Complete theater list will be available on  and all movie portals by early next week.

Great India Films is happy to share that Baahubali-2 Telugu & Hindi will release in original IMAX format in about 40 to 45 major locations in each territory. Also, Cinemark, Regal and AMC will have their high-end specialty screens like XD, RPX, and Dolby in about 70 to 80 screens across the USA.


Even all other regular theaters will be screening 4K content for best viewing pleasure. Bahubali-2, The Conclusion is all set to premiere on Thursday 4/27 from 3 PM EST in USA and Canada. Great India Films is meticulously planning to have online tickets opened from Fri 4/21. We are awed by the response Bahubali-2 is getting from all over the world including the Hollywood.

Great India Films have partnered with PRIME Media for the marketing and distribution of Bahubali-2 in the USA. Watch this space for more information on Bahubali-2 The Conclusion.

Baahubali 2, releasing in over 1050 screens  (America and Canada), is definitely, a massive number that is equivalent to or more than many other Hollywood films.

Great India Films in partnership with Prime Media to release Baahubali 2 in America and Canada

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