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Superstar Rajinikanth's political entry has been welcomed as a great move by many in the industry. Director Sai Ramani of Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva fame spoke to us exclusively and shared his thoughts on the subject.

“I felt he would enter politics well before the announcement. I had been to many places across Tamil Nadu, and had met the fans of the star. Many of them expressed doubts regarding his political entry, but I spoke 200% in the affirmative on every stage.

I said that Rajinikanth will bring his spirituality into politics, and take a path like none has before. He does not and will not talk like the others, and definitely not be all talk and no action.

I am very happy that things have happened as I predicted them to happen. Along with the new year, this news will give great happiness to the people of Tamil Nadu. Thalaivar has said that his fans are the gatekeepers of the state, and just that one statement makes it the best speech ever made by him. He has answered everybody's doubts. He will win and win big. An unshakable force has presented itself, and it has the power to bring change. God will act via our superstar and bring us good."


Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma supports Rajinikanth's political move. He took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on Rajinikanth's decision.

"Never seen more thundering power than in Superstar Rajni. The way he announced his political entry ..My prediction is each and everyone in entire TN will vote only for him..it will be dumb of any political party to contest against him.

Greatest line said by Superstar Rajini is “Because of some people Tamilians have lost their prestige and I,Rajini,will bring it back”💪💪💪"

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Director Sai Ramani bares his heart about Superstar Rajinikanth as a politician

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