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Dhanush and Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ENPT Maruvaarthai single review

Maruvaarthai Pesadha, the single track from Dhanush, Megha Akash and Gautham Menon’s Enai Noki Paayum Thotta has finally been offered to the audiences! The first one and a half minutes made people crave for the entire song. People were bewildered with who the composer of this album was.

Even after the release of the single, GVM and team have decided to keep the information about the composer in tact and he has been named “Mr.X”. The song has been rendered by the super talented Sid Sriram in Thamarai’s lyrics. The immediate question that arises after hearing this single is how GVM always get the songs so right for his films!


Sid, GVM and poet Thamarai have just created magic. The instrumentation is a peach and so are the lyrics. Maruvaarthai being a 6 minute long song, has a lot to offer. It has the template of a proper carnatic song. The charanam is specifically very beautiful. It has a carnatic flavour with a modern touch to it. Sure does make you fall in love again.

Music is eternal they say, proof of that is this single which is addictive and pleasant. It is easily the song to fix on loop on one’s phone. “Ninaikadha Naal illaye” kindles a different kind of emotion and the tune is something that has been sketched to attract all the melody lovers.

Maruvaarthai Pesadha from Dhanush’s ENPT is potentially the next Thalli Pogathey and definitely is the easiest and best way of promotion that ENPT could get. A number to cherish and an anytime listenable melody.