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Singer Sid Sriram on his song for Kattappava Kaanom

Singer Sid Sriram is known for his unique voice that stands out from the crowd. He has recently sung a song in Kattappava Kaanom under the music of Santhosh Dhayanidhi. Sid shares with behindwoods about this rendition:


“It's a melodic song with a lot of percussive energy and a nice bounce. I think the essence of it is similar to my other songs in that it allows me to communicate a strong emotion with my voice. However, it will be a bit different from my past songs. This number would focus on the playful, jovial nature of love. I was able to really throw my voice against a different musical/sonic scape in this number.

It was great recording this song because I really liked the tune. Santhosh is a good friend and I like his music, this is our first time working and I look forward to more.

I can't wait to perform this one live!”


Sid has also rendered his voice for a number in Kavalai Vendam under Leon James’s music.

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Singer Sid Sriram on his song for Kattappava Kaanom

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