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With Lok Sabha elections around the corner, all political parties are campaigning and giving out their resolutions to people. In this meantime, political leaders are also requesting citizens to exercise their right to vote to enjoy fruitful democracy.

A.R.Rahman responds to PM Narendra Modi's tweet about voting for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken to twitter to request the citizens to vote using a different approach. He has released a number of tweets in which he has tagged various political leaders, sports personalities, movie celebrities to use their influence over citizens and emphasise every individual to vote during the elections.

Among the celebrities and personalities, he has tagged, is A.R.Rahman. In this particular tweet, he has tagged Latha Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and humbly requested them to inspire more citizens to come out and vote in the 2019 elections. A.R.Rahman has replied to Narendra Modi’s tweet assuring he will do the same.

Like it is said, ‘A vote is a great way to make the people’s voice heard’. Behindwoods, hence, all the citizens to make sure their voice is heard by casting a vote.