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An analysis of sequels in Tamil films such as Billa 2, Enthiran 2 and Baahubali 2

Sequels are the current trend in Kollywood. But the concept of sequel falls under two categories here. 1. Thematic 2.Plot based. This article analyzes upcoming sequels and their categories.

1.Thematic sequels:
Movies belonging to this category do not have a plot continuation from their predecessor.   Darling 2, Pizza 2, Aranmanai 2, Pasanga 2, Kanchana 2 are some movies belong to this category. Though some of these movies have the same characters, they chose not to have a plot continuation.
Examples from upcoming films - Ko 2, Kalakalappu 2.

2. Plot based sequels:
Such movies take cue from their predecessor. Singam 2 and Billa 2 are two movies which belong to this category amongst others.  Baahubali 2, Vishwaroopam 2, Enthiran 2, are a few upcoming movies which will have a continuation of plot considering the details that the respective filmmakers have divulged about them.

We all know there are lots of discussion going around regarding Theri, stating that it might have an end card saying “Meet you in Theri 2”. The question is, which category will Theri 2 fall in, if it does materializes?

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An analysis of sequels in Tamil films such as Billa 2, Enthiran 2 and Baahubali 2

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