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Adil Hussain on working with Rajinikanth in Shankar's Enthiran 2

Adil Hussain is doing a pivotal role in Shankar’s 2.0 and recently he shot scenes with superstar Rajinikanth. He shares his thoughts on working with the Enthiran hero.

“It is a great pleasure to work with someone who is amazingly down-to-earth and respect you like an equal. He is very affectionate and every time I sit with him for the shoot, he would affectionately touch my hand and pat me.


He is very humane and that quality is so endearing to his fans because it shines through his everyday life. It is a lovely combination of fulfilling the audience’s dream on the screen and at the same time leading his everyday life so significantly. Why wouldn’t people love him? It’s amazing.

It is a real privilege to work with a person of that stature with such humility. He is so genuine, he can’t fake it”.

Adil Hussain has another four days of shoot left behind for 2.0. He will also be doing a Norwegian film based on a true story of an Asian family, a heart-wrenching tale of a mom and daughter.

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Adil Hussain on working with Rajinikanth in Shankar's Enthiran 2

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