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Adil Hussain on meeting Rajinikanth at the sets of 2 point 0

Talented artist Adil Hussain, who is a part of Shankar-Rajinikanth’s 2.0 was recently in the city to shoot his portions when he met Superstar Rajinikanth. He talks exclusively to behindwoods about this meeting:

“It was such a humbling experience. I did not have an idea Rajini sir was coming because on that day, he did not have a shoot. He just dropped by. I was in my van. An AD told me- ‘Rajini sir wants to meet you. He was to come to your van’. I said- Whaaat? No way. I will come to see him.

He was on the fourth floor in the location. I left instantly and on the way the AD said that Rajini sir wanted to know who was shooting for the day and when my name was mentioned, he had expressed his desire to meet me and asked if he can come and see me.

I had heard so many nice things about Rajini sir from my friends who had worked with him, like for instance Radhika (Apte). She has told me beautiful things about him. He matched up to my idea of him whose feet are firmly on the ground in spite of him being a legend. He enquired about me and also told that he loved my work in English Vinglish. I was completely taken up by his charm and aura. I told him that before we even go up further in our discussion, let me take a picture with him, because my friends will kill me if I didn’t.

Then we chatted on for a while about the film. After that, he had a discussion with director Shankar and I excused myself.

I was totally totally totally bowled over by his humility and affection that he showers upon people. This is such a rare quality that I have seen in a very few people. Ang Lee (Life of Pi director) is one of them. Every actor in India can be inspired by the way that Rajinikanth leads his life".


Very true indeed!

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Adil Hussain on meeting Rajinikanth at the sets of 2 point 0

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