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Actress Sripriya clarifies on why she constantly updates about Bigg Boss

Sripriya is one of those few celebrities who constantly updates about Bigg Boss on a daily basis through her social media forum. Looks like a section of her followers have asked her why does she have to update about Bigg Boss daily, and what is the need for that.

Sripriya replied to that question through her statement, "A few ask why I comment on BB & SU & NIJANGAL? I live in a free country, I own a TV, I pay for my cable connection & above all my views are not in a disrespectful manner. I talk about my subject media which I'm comfortable & knowledgeable. If someone has a problem reading it, you are free to disconnect & to a few who ask don't u have anything else to do - my reply is dearies when u have nothing else to do other than reading my writings why can't I say im free to do what I want"

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Sripriya's tweets on Today's Bigg Boss

Actress Sripriya who has acted over 300 films is a leading follower and commentator of the reality show Bigg Boss. She has been actively tweeting her opinion on the show.We bring you a small compilation of the tweets made by her today.


"Yes...vaiyapuri dance Arangetram"


"Harishai EngaLukku pidikkudu Aarav"


"Aarav why this bitching behind?"


Aarav poi sollamaattaarame!Oviya Kitta sonnadhu ennavaam?


"Snehan  makeup sooper!"


"Gayathri and Aarav thambi totally upset about the new entries! வயிதெறிச்சல்... புகை காது வழியா வருதுங்கோ சாமி..."


"Gayathri viral has attacked Aarav..."


"UN  முன் ரைசா கலங்கி திருந்தி விட்டதை போல் நடித்தது....சரித்திர புகழ் மிக்கது"


"நீங்கshut up பன்னுங்க ரைசா"




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Actress Sripriya clarifies on why she constantly updates about Bigg Boss

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