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Actor Arya encourages fitness activities on Twitter

"People keep tagging me with this hash tag #MMDDDDLCTWorkout what does it mean?" Tweeted actress Sunaina to Arya recently; to which he replied "haha I guess it's because u are also involved into fitness. It's the hashtag we use for our workout tweets". Notice how he said 'we' referring to him and his fans as a whole.

#MMDDDDLCT stands for macha,machi,da,Di,darling, dear,love,chellame,thangame. " It's Jammy's super cool and cute acronymn for us all" tweeted an Arya fan when asked about it. It really is super cute, especially since the actor encourages fans to post their fitness queries, advancements and woes to him under the hashtag and offers constant motivation in a 'brotherly' manner'. Well as a fan, getting addressed as 'darling', 'dear' or 'bro' by your favourite hero is surely motivation enough. While many actors take a formal mode of conduct on Twitter, Arya's informal mode of fan interaction is charming.

"@arya_ofl been reading ur tweets. I admire wat u do everyday. Staying strong n healthy n encouraging ppl to do the same. Super like." Tweeted Vanmam heroine Sunaina after she found out what the hashtag was all about.

And that is why actor Arya is our super cute 'brother' (*Nazriya's tone).


Actor Arya encourages fitness activities on Twitter

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