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Vaalu's release is planned for either May 22nd or June 12th
'Vaalu is taken over by TR', this information has already made to the headlines. But now Vaalu's social media team has come forward in their official space and given some details about the film's release date.
The note read, ''The movie is already sold by NIC Arts Chakravarthy to the distributors, but he was able to acquire limited screens only. Since when TR sir took charge of the movie he is in talks with the distributors and theater owners to make more of the movie by selling and acquiring max screens''.
The note also quoted the delayed release of Masss (now set for a May 29 release) as being another hitch. The Vaalu team has planned two dates for the film's release - either May 22nd or June 12th. Since, there are no big movies releasing in June, the team is confident about the date in this month.
For all the STR fans, you got the clarification now. Let's hope and wish the Vaalu team for a successful release.


Vaalu's release is planned for either May 22nd or June 12th

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