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Suriya's 24 first look poster designer Deepak Bhojraj shares his thoughts.
Ever since Suriya's 24 the movie had its first look poster released, people have been busy decoding the layers of it. Extremely pleased by the overall design, a little bit of a name hunt led us to the man who actually designed the poster. Deepak Bhojraj hailing from Ooty was the man behind 24's appealing poster.  
When asked about the poster, Deepak says, 
"The response has been fantastic.Since the film is no ordinary, we wanted the same to be translated with the design too. Considering Suriya's star power, we wanted to do something creative but it should also be mainstream. 
Lot of people have been decoding the poster and sending their version of the film's plot. It was a planned move to create some extra curiosity by giving a jist of the story by teasing the viewer with some elements. We are glad that it has worked out.
The logo of the numeric value was done long time back and we've been relatively quiet about it because we wanted to come up with something like this. Using a combination of software like Photoshop, Illustrator and  some external sources, we made the posters. 
Going by a specific choice of color to maintain a theme, there are more posters to come in regular intervals. Thanks to Vikram Kumar's vision, we have had the opportunity to create something exciting". 


Suriya's 24 first look poster designer Deepak Bhojraj shares his thoughts.

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