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Vijay, Ajith, Vikram and Suriya in a Multi-starrer!
12 years before, rarest of the feat occurred in Tamil cinema box-office. Four biggies in three different films tested the waters to see which went on to become a success story. 
Pithamagan, Thirumalai and Anjaneya were three distinct films made on a completely contrasting ideas. When Bala's masterpiece Pithamagan dealt the bonding between a grave-digger and small-time crook, Ramana directed Thirumalai was a commercial outing for Vijay which gave him the much needed break as a mainstream action hero. In Anjaneya, Ajith donned the Khaki for the first time also masquerading as a thief to infiltrate a gang.
Though these film created different impacts among the general public, Pithamagan starring Chiyaan Vikram and Suriya became a timeless classic earning Vikram a national award and Suriya appealing the critics with his comical timing. On the contrary, Thirumalai was a film with romance, comedy, action and drama. High on entertainment, the film had its share at the box-office. Ajith's Anjaneya was another kind of a package for the audience where the fans loved seeing him as a cop.
When there was a time in Tamil cinema where the 'Big four'- Ajith, Vijay, Vikram and Suriya clashed at the box-office on the same day, now it seems to be impossible. Release dates are neatly spaced out to not affect each other's collections and there seems to be no healthy competition either. 
Dating back to the time when all the three films happen to release in a single complex with three theaters within, that was one special day in Tamil cinema.
If something similar is expected in future, then it would be a multi-starrer, but definitely not clash of their individual films.


Vijay, Ajith, Vikram and Suriya in a Multi-starrer!

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