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Suriya announces flood rehab plans

There are quite a lot of film personalities who have come out to help the people devastated by the recent floods. Suriya through his Agaram Foundation has been carrying on relief work and he has communicated his plan of action through his official Twitter handle.


Suriya says that Agaram will now focus on rehab and will identify five areas ravaged by floods and work there with long term perspective.


He adds, “Through Agaram, we plan to support government school students in the rain hit areas and help them to continue their education. 10th and 12th standard students will be given immediate attention. Natural calamities cannot be predicted but we must plan better so that we are better equipped to deal with them and their aftermath. This time around, water that must have entered rivers, lakes and other water bodies entered our streets and homes. We must find out why this happened and rectify it. Let’s not stop with what we have done so far. Let’s keep the momentum going. It will bring an inspirational change in the society. This will be the best gift that we can pass on to our next generation”.


Suriya announces flood rehab plans

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