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RJ Ajai talks about the experiences in his debut film Idhu Enna Mayam

RJ Ajai who wakes up Chennai every morning with his talk show in Radio Mirchi, enters showbiz through director Vijay’s Idhu Enna Mayam. In a brief chat session, he talks about the film and his debut cinema experience.


How did Idhu Enna Mayam happen?


When I was interviewing director Vijay for Saivam, he was keenly observing me and I thought I had made a mistake. After I completed his interview, he asked if I would do his next film which is about six youngsters. I was aghast, told him I have never acted and have not given a thought too. Director Vijay has an eye for spotting talents. He was confident and assured me that I can take the plunge without fear. You can say my film career began with that interview.




The film is about six youngsters comprising of Vikram Prabhu, me, Big FM Balaji, Hello FM Balaji, Sudhakshina from Dubai and Adithi from Kerala. Charlie sir is doing an important role. Nasser sir and Ambika ma’am have interesting characters in the film. Navdheep is making his comeback.


What is the film about?


When there are three RJs in the film, people tend to think it is about radio but it is not so.  People connected Vikram Prabhu’s hat with the title Idhu Enna Mayam (in the first look) and assumed the film is about magic. But I can say that the film is about 100% love, love and love only. It is a completely romantic, lighthearted, humorous family entertainer. Kids will love this film. 


My first shot


I was very nervous. For the first day shoot, the director had called his friends and Anushka was also there. I was giving my shot and it was taking six or seven takes. Anushka came and sat in front of me and director asked me to say my dialogue. And then, the take was ok. Till date, I don’t know if it was because of the anxiety that Anushka’s presence gave me or something else, my take was okayed. My first day of the shoot itself was an amazing experience.


Vikram Prabhu


I had interviewed him many times but when I was moving with him in close quarters and he was calling me ‘yo bro’, ‘hi bro’, I felt very nice. We have all seen him as Sivaji sir’s grandson and Prabhu sir’s son. But he does not have any airs. Till date he has only done a solo hero role. But in Idhu Enna Mayam, he will be seen with the rest of us and the way he took care of  balancing us, was commendable. He has no qualms about somebody else taking up screen space or somebody being highlighted.  Vikram Prabhu is a chilled out person.


Keerthi Suresh


Heroine Keerthi Suresh is a rockstar already. Even before the release of her first film, she has signed up other projects. Initially, we all felt that she would be a soft-spoken girl. But you should hear her speak Tamil- it will be thara local. She is such a bubbly livewire. She can’t remain silent for a while. But in the film she has to give out subtle emotions. It was like seeing two different people on and off the set.  She is a superb person.




When Prabhu sir is on the sets, food used to come from his house and he would serve everybody himself. He loves food and loves making people eat. We are all starters and when people go the extra mile to make us feel comfortable, it was overwhelming for all of us. As a first timer, I had a good time shooting and also thoroughly enjoyed working for Idhu Enna Mayam.


Director Vijay’s team


Director Vijay sir’s unit is a professional one. They are well planned and are clear about what they are going to shoot on a particular day and how the outcome should be.  


Visuals will be very good in Idhu Enna Mayam and cinematographer Nirav Shah makes even the dirtiest of places look glossy and stylish. He gives a totally new dimension to a frame with his lighting. That is Nirav’s power!


G V Prakash’s music is going to be the highlight of the film. Since it is a romantic love story, melody songs have come out very well.


Will you take up acting if it comes your way?


Acting is difficult. Doing radio and acting is a little hard because you need to allocate time for acting and you might be away from Chennai. I had a comfort zone with Vijay sir as I had worked with him 12 years back for an ad. I knew what to expect from him. But I cannot expect the same from others. Vijay sir was kind enough to let me do my radio and his film. Since I had shooting in Chennai, I did not face problems. If offers come, I would love to consider them. Who will not love to be on the big screen? However, my first love is radio. Without compromising on radio, if I can do films, I will very definitely do.


Wishing Ajai and the team of Idhu Enna Mayam the very best! 


RJ Ajai talks about the experiences in his debut film Idhu Enna Mayam

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