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Public reponse for the film Purampokku directed by S.P.Jhananathan
One other new movie that is raved about in many social media spaces is Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai (aka) Purampokku, directed by SP Jhananathan starring Arya, Shaam, Vijay Sethupathi and Karthika Nair in the lead roles. This film has created the much-needed impact it set out to make. 
Response from the public has been quite positive. Some intriguing reactions in Twitter are as follows.
Ajith Appu ‏- Watched #Purampokku Nice Movie #Vjsethupathi & #Shaam Rocked. Arya Role did not impress me. Emalingam Impressed me a lot and its Vjsethupathi movie.
Saravanaprabu - #Purampokku made my yesterday's night sleepless. It affected me a lot. 
JGopi Nagendran - #PuramPokku was a wonderful movie. Amazing story.. Money-worthy movie. #shyam_vijaysethupathy_aarya_merattitaanunga. Totally Nice direction.
Prashanth - #VijaySethupathi sir's acting was a big asset to the film #Purampokku ! Superb character 3/5. Overall a watchable film, there are lags in some scenes but good work by the whole team. Especially camera work and music. 3/5 
Uthamanguru - Bold decision by UTV films to produce #Purampokku. Dhananjayan - it is a great movie to watch. From UK 
Suresh Ramar - Watching #Purampokku for the 2nd time only for #VijaySethupathi .Whatta performer he is !! Unbelievable Dialogue delivery n semma climax.


Public reponse for the film Purampokku directed by S.P.Jhananathan

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