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Director Karu Palaniappan talks about Kallan and his role in the film

Director Karu Palaniappan known for his films like Pirivom Sandhippom, Parthiban Kanavu to name a few, had made his debut in front of the camera in Mandhira Punnagai a few years back.  


He would once again be seen as an actor in Kallan, that will be directed by debutante Chandra who had worked under Ameer and Ram.


When Palaniappan was asked why he chose the film, he had this to say,


“I accepted Kallan primarily because it is not based on a single character. There are seven male characters in the film and I am one of them. Secondly, I liked the canvas very much. The most interested person in this script was producer Mathiazhagan. He had read the script six months back and he himself called the director to inform that it was haunting and that he was raring to go, which I find very rare and special. Although we say it’s a men’s world, it is actually being run only by women. The seven men in the film think that they are responsible for everything but actually there will be two women who are instrumental in every aspect. I really liked this part. Although the screen presence for the women characters is limited, overall, the role of women will be dominating in the script”.


Kallan is an action story set in a village milieu. There will be a workshop before the team commences the shoot by the 1st of November. The unit plans to complete the shoot in one schedule that is expected to go on for 55 days in Theni, Cumbam and Hyderabad.


Director Karu Palaniappan talks about Kallan and his role in the film

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