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Director Eric England lauds Nayanthara's Maya

Notable Hollywood director Eric England, who is known for making horror movies like Contracted and Roadside, lauds the recently released Nayanthara film Maya. The director was very open to share his thoughts on Indian cinema and Maya in particular. This is what he had to say:

“Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the movie coming out of India called Maya, which happens to be a really cool and really scarily built story.”

Eric also states that, Maya takes shades from other English films and blends it together in a very unique way  that he has not seen before.

He Further adds “Indian cinema has a great appreciation in the movies all over from the world and have a technical proficiency that is unmatched from other foreign films that I have seen. This movie is haunting, its moody, its beautiful, it has some great scares, some really solid acting and incredible sound design and music, I highly recommend you to check it out.”


Director Eric England lauds Nayanthara's Maya

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