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Director Ashwin Saravanan talks about his impending release Maya and Nayanthara

Maya directed by debutant Ashwin Saravanan features Nayanthara and is all set to release on the 17th of September. The film’s poster and teaser have been the talking points among the movie buffs. Potential Studios have funded this venture.


Director Ashwin Saravanan talks to Jyothsna Bhavanishankar about his film and the journey leading to it


How it all began and why Nayanthara?


As my script was a woman centric one, producers Potential Studios felt, it would be good to have someone established to propel the story and suggested Nayanthara’s name. She was more than happy to be in the project because she loves horror films. She very easily understood under what sensibilities I had worked my script as she is well aware of the format and the elements in such genres. She comprehended my vision and it made things easier for me. I never felt as though I was working with a star but instead felt I was working with a thorough professional.  


There is an overdose of horror films now. What difference would Maya bring about in this scenario?


Personally my inspiration to take on this genre is the Naga directed TV serials Marma Desam, Vidaathu Karuppu etc. I was keen to write a strong horror thriller that is content and character driven. My idea also took me in that direction. Treatment wise, my film will be different from others. I have treated the story as atmospheric both visually and sound-wise. Although I have followed the grammar of horror films, I have also broken some rules craft-wise. However if you look at  it content wise, what I have added new is, when you watch a horror film, when a character in it moves into a dark room, you will start anticipating what will be there in that room. But in my film you will start feeling anxious for the character. As much as I concentrated on the horror aspect, I have equally focused on the human side of it. That will be the difference from other films.


Did Nayanthara see the finished version?


She was shooting for Thani Oruvan when she heard my narration. She is generally animated and gave me the right kind of reactions when she was listening to the story. After I finished the film, when I showed it to her she liked and said that I stuck to my narration completely and that there was no discrepancy. She said, “You have delivered what you promised and for that very reason, I am very happy to have been a part of this film”.


Good luck Ashwin Saravanan and for team Maya!


Director Ashwin Saravanan talks about his impending release Maya and Nayanthara

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