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Ajith a jail inmate, a ruthless killer and a honest cop....

Ajith a jail inmate, a ruthless killer and a honest cop!

Jan 01, 2015

2015 starts with the loudest bang possible. The team of Thala Ajith Kumar's Yennai Arindhaal is gifting us their clean and sleek trailer. Dan's trendsetting visuals look ravishingly rich and classic. The handsome hunk Sathyadev is soulfully gritty and uptight. Anthony sets a pace with the 'Adhaaru Adhaaru' prelude and then transforms it into a high voltage drama by the swipes and the sharp cuts.

There is a definite travel in the film that takes us on a ride of mixed emotions. Ajith possibly plays a jail inmate, a ruthless killer, an honest cop and what not? Is Arun Vijay his long time associate. Is Ajith taking revenge? Did Ajith lose his family? What about that little girl? Is Trisha a dancer?
Anushka looks scintilating, Trisha is at her maturing best with Vivek also taking up the 'salt and pepper' to the comical timings. The action sequences are going to bring the roof down and the fans are going to explode to the scene where Ajith gets slapped. This trailer tells, there is nothing short of a blockbuster from Ajith. There is love, survival, grief, remorse and struggle. Yennai Arindhaal is a winner already.
The visage of the film is so international that the instant attention you develop on it is, immeasurable. Ajith fights with a knife, Ajith knows boxing and Ajith is definitely given a chance to prove all of his driving skills once again. To all the ardent fans and followers out there, he is making a statement.
Innum oru nimisham inga irundhaaa? Un thala irukkaadhu !


Ajith a jail inmate, a ruthless killer and a honest cop....

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