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'I' will also carry Shankar's typical societal messages ...

'I' will also carry Shankar's typical societal messages

Dec 31, 2014
The audio and trailer launch event of 'I''s Telugu version, happened yesterday at The Park Hotel, Hyderabad. The event was a grand and gala affair and some big names from the Telugu industry like S.S Rajamouli and Trivikram Srinivas made their presence felt along with the cast and crew of 'I' which included Shankar, PC Sreeram and Vikram.
Speaking at the function, director Shankar said "I generally hold back the grand visuals and song scenes in my movies and let people watch them on the big screen, but in this movie the visuals and song shots from the trailer have hyped up the film to stratospheric levels. But I still believe that this movie will meet all your expectations."
When the host asked Shankar to give 100/100 points for one technician, the maverick director replied 'everyone' and when the host insisted to give one name, Shankar's reply was "it is a difficult question, it is like asking which of your body parts is more important." 
He also said that though the movie is not a social message based movie like Sivaji or Mudhalvan, some scenes in 'I' will carry important societal messages. 
Shankar then thanked director S.S. Rajamouli for marking his presence and also said "After seeing Magadheera, I became his fan, after watching Eega I became an even bigger fan of his. Now like a crazy fan, I am waiting for his next film (Bahubali). I saw the making of the movie, it looks like an attempt on par with international standards. My best wishes." 
The director also thanked the Telugu audience for the love and support extended by them for all his movies "I have not directed a direct Telugu film, my films have only been dubbed here. I have tried doing a Telugu films 2 times before, but it didn’t materialize. For the sake of Telugu fans, I want to direct one Telugu film. I expect it to happen one day."
While speaking about Vikram, Shankar said "He is mad, he really goes mad for the sake of a role in a movie."


'I' will also carry Shankar's typical societal messages ...

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