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Actor Siddharth talks about the relief he is providing for Chennai and Cuddalore flood victims.
It is that time in Chennai when reel heroes turned real heroes for a cause. The Chennai rains led to heavy flooding of water in and around the city; many names from K-Town have extended unconditional support and relief for the victims at this time of vast need. Actor Siddharth is one of the epicentric names that drove a wide movement of emergency relief in the past week along with RJ Balaji.
Siddharth was spotted addressing the media for the first time yesterday, 7th December and here is an excerpt from his note.
“I started doing this may be because I freaked out as I lost my house for the first time in my entire life. There are a lot of people who are doing a great job and all this heroism build-up makes me uncomfortable.
We are definitely taking this movement forward by planning out means to rehabilitate people. I feel social media was put to best use for this cause and we will continue to use it efficiently for our future plans. We understand there are both boons and banes attached to social media and we would like to thank the good things it has done. 
There is no need to politicise this situation. I feel no state government of our country could have washed away all the damages in a sprint because this is a calamity of epic proportion. I personally do not have any complaints about how our administration has handled the situation. 
I am overwhelmed by the manner the youth of Tamil Nadu and the country have reciprocated to this situation.”
Siddharth has returned to Chennai after extending some ground support to the flood affected hamlets of Cuddalore district. This whole attitude of reel heroes turning real gives us a sense of satisfaction, after all they are heroes discovered and celebrated by us, the audience.


Actor Siddharth talks about the relief he is providing for Chennai and Cuddalore flood victims.

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