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What did Vikram do to Vijay?

Vikram is only responsible, Vijay admits

Sep 09, 2014

After wrapping up Shankar’s magnum opus Ai, Vikram has moved on to his next project being directed by Vijay Milton titled 10 Ennarathukulla.


Vijay Milton’s earlier film was Golisoda which was about a bunch of teenagers in search of an identity. This film had won the box-office as well as the critics' approval.

Now, we hear that Golisoda has been selected to be screened under the category of Window of Asian Cinema in the Busan Film Festival in South Korea.


While sharing this prestigious information, Vijay Milton says that Vikram was only responsible for the film to be sent to the festival and it was he who pushed him to work in this regard. If it were not for him, this honor would not have been possible at all, Vijay adds and is quite naturally very thankful to Vikram.


Milton also adds that he and producer Bharath will be leaving for Busan and Vikram may accompany them.


What did Vikram do to Vijay?

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