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If a Hollywood studio had released Shankar's I ...

'I' could have done business in excess of 5000 crores but ...

Sep 21, 2014
When you have produced a film like 'I' the pride involved would naturally be huge. A proud Aascar Films Ravichandran is all geared up to release the film for Diwali and the film's area release rights are being sold for massive rates, befitting the movie's hype and expectations. When he talks about 'I' you can sense his passion and contentment at the final product
"We are increasing the level of a film's content, with 'I'. It will be the peaks of grandeur and magnificence. I have screened the rough teaser to more than 10000 people. All were stunned.
Indian film history would be split into 'before I and after I'. Warner Bros were shocked at what they saw. If a Hollywood company like that releases 'I', the film has the potential to do mind-boggling business in excess of 5000 crores. We don't have that privilege here, but are still trying to the best of our capabilities.
A major portion of the film has been shot in China and we are trying for an agreement with the government there to screen 'I' in maximum theaters. We have to reach 'I' to the nook and corners of the world as it deserves that reach and exposure. We have to be proud of what Shankar and team have achieved.
The strain involved in the project is huge, 2.5 years of hard work is there. We have employed about 10000 people for the film. 'I' would be a jaw-dropping experience. The whole world would look back at Indian cinema and recognize Shankar as India's James Cameroon. It's unimaginable - people will be moved to tears. P.C.Sreeram's work is remarkable too, he is after all the Godfather of all current cameramen. 'I' means grandeur, each song would be equally fascinating.
The whole family can enjoy the movie and it would be totally worthy of the ticket money spent. People have already decided to see 'I' with their entire family. It caters to 60% of the audience base. They are just waiting for me to release the movie. It's the same case in Andhra too.


If a Hollywood studio had released Shankar's I ...

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