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Aranamanai is celebrating !

Vishal does it for Aranmanai !

Sep 20, 2014

When you want to make a movie that can cater to all kinds of masses, you go to director Sundar C. With back to back hits, the experienced director has done it again with Aranamani, a horror-comedy. 

Like Yaamirukka Bayamey, which was a sleeper hit this year, the recent toast of the industry is said to be the horror/comedy genre'. Rai Lakshmi, Andrea, Hansika, Kovai Sarala, Santhanam and lots more have played their roles pretty well in Aranmanai to create some fear and joy in us. 
Having garnered excellent initial reports, the whole Aranmanai team is wasting no time to take it as a chance to celebrate. Best part being, Sundar C is already onto his next film Aambala with Vishal, who is also getting ready for a Diwali release with Poojai.
Actor Vishal has taken the time to spend some quality fun with the Aranmanai team for a success celebration. It is just good to know that the industry is unified by such happenings.  


Aranamanai is celebrating !

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