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Happy birthday Superstar!

Happy birthday Lingaa Rajinikanth!!!

Dec 12, 2014

It would not be a surprise if Superstar Rajinikanth enters the Guinness Book of World Records for a celebrity who is loved, adored, respected, idolized and iconized the most. The fanfare and the adulation at the FDFS of Lingaa is just a sample to reiterate the love and affection that the hero enjoys.


Today, the 12th of December, the legend celebrates his 64th birthday and it is such a beautiful coincidence that his film gets released on the same day. For his fans it is a double whammy of sorts. Lingaa is being lapped up by ardent Rajini fans and the collections are projected to be a huge one, to put it mildly.


Here is wishing the hero of all, the one and only Superstar, a very happy birthday and may he continue to entertain his audience today and forever! 


Happy birthday Superstar!

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