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A Lingaa treat in USA

Lingaa special - Anuskha Avial and Santhanam Halwa

Dec 05, 2014
Superstar Rajinikanth's LINGAA will see massive release than any other movie in the US. For the first time, the movie will be screened at XL MAX in Muvico Chicago. Chicago Rajini fans will start the celebration from Saturday with LINGAA special Buffet and musical event at Dakshin Indian restaurant. The menu will include LINGAA special trampoline kulfi, Anuskha avial, Santhanam Halwa and Manobala mutton biriyani.
Following SIVAJI tradition, ticket sales will open with the handing of a golden ticket to Chicago fans club president. Follow celebrations and major event plans at facebook.com/lingaachicago


A Lingaa treat in USA

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