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Should December 12th be a holiday?

The Lingaa Leave Letter !

Dec 06, 2014

Lingaa countdown is fast approaching and everybody is finding really strange and innovative reasons to apply for leave to go watch Thalaivar on screen FDFS. Since Lingaa is getting released on a working day, that is 12th of December, a Friday, school kids, college going youth and of course the working professionals will all have a tough time to come up with convincing stories to apply for leave. 

All the absentees for sure will be busy hooting at the theatre for Superstar. There was also a photo of a leave letter applied by a student doing the rounds in online social media. In the reasons for leave column, it says, 'Rajinikanth birthday". 
Friday will almost look like a holiday in Tamilnadu. Should the government think of declaring a holiday for Rajinikanth's release dates? What will be your cock and bull story to apply for leave? 
The #LingaaLeaveLetter is already trending! 


Should December 12th be a holiday?

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