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Dhanush trends on Facebook

Dhanush follows Rajini, Ajith and Vijay

Jun 18, 2014
There are more obvious things to be noticed in your Facebook wall than the recently changed display picture of your secret crush. When every other feebly built, boy next door could relate to Dhanush? He has rightfully been growing with respect to fanfare and also as a pan Indian Actor to be watched out for.

What it takes to lead a life of normality with very ordinary dreams seems to be the ideal plot of Velai Illa Pattathari. K.Balachander's "Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu", almost predicted the unemployment outrage in India. VIP seems to address the ongoing demands of life while the going gets tough. Dhanush's quarter century is on the verge of hitting some double century figures in social media.

Even if your mornings were super busy on rainy days, Facebook's trending utility tells you what's the scene for the day. It is all the marketing campaign's dream to hit that top with a sensex like arrow adjacent to it. Wunderbar films along with Escape Artists Motion Pictures are assuring some prospect with the recently released trailer cut of Velai Illa Pattathari. It has managed to reach the top most trending factor in Facebook with just a FB account as the expenditure for the producers. 
Lensman Velraj decides to go with the toast of Kollywood for his dream debut and everything seems to be going in the best possible direction since the audio release days to the recent trailer trending all over. All the elements being clearly established in the trailer has created the hype and frenzy for all Dhanush fans waiting for the judgement day. He is this angry young man attempting to make it big after a not so successful outing with engineering. Every other BEs out there? Get ready to boast it off with the VIP tittle track. 

Dhanush follows Rajini, Ajith and Vijay to be the most trending factor in the place where almost 3/4th of the world logs in.


Dhanush trends on Facebook

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