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Dhanush and Trisha for the first time ? ...

Dhanush and Trisha for the first time ?

Nov 04, 2014

Having already reported about the VIPs - Velraj and Dhanush likely to partner again for a movie, we have a breathtaking development to this story.

Dhanush had the time to go to Bollywood and romance Sonam Kapoor, but somehow his teaming up with damsel Trisha never materialized till now. 
So the buzz is, Trisha will most probably play the love support for Dhanush in the new Velraj film. Added trivia is, Trisha was supposed to play the role of Taapsee in Aadukalam. Almost a week of portions were shot with Trisha but this plan was later called-off for some unknown reasons.

Interestingly recently there were photos of Dhanush and Trisha socializing and these did the rounds big-time in the social media. Now D and T may be treating us on screen too !


Dhanush and Trisha for the first time ? ...

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