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Dhanush touches the million mark !

Dhanush and his million followers !

Oct 07, 2014
The only arena where you are 'followed' is an online social media space called Twitter. A special forum that gained prominence with lots of celebrities chipping in with their profiles. The number of followers you have in Twitter is directly proportional to the number of people who vouch for you in that particular space. If Ashton Kutcher from Hollywood was the very first to have hundreds of followers through his tweets, our beloved actors and actresses are no less.
Post VIP, it has been Dhanush magic all sides. The recent update is, @dhanushkraja the twitter handle of actor Dhanush has crossed the one million mark, i.e Dhanush's twitter account has 10 lakh followers. By tweets, the celebs and well-known faces literally interact with their fans and give exciting updates and tidbits about their ongoing projects and daily life.
Dhanush is one active person who takes the time to respond to his fans, appreciate their token of love and even give a sneak-peek about his professional life. Notable Tamil film personalities like Trisha and Siddharth have already crossed the million mark and now it's Dhanush who has done it. Way to go VIP.


Dhanush touches the million mark !

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