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2 super 'gana' songs from Vijay Sethupathi

Two super 'gana' songs from Vijay Sethupathi

Oct 12, 2014
One of the most expected movies, S.P Jhananathan's Purampokku has a lot of interesting news to offer to fans. This Arya - Vijay Sethupathi - Shaam starrer is expected to release early next year, and revolves around the relevance of capital punishment in a democratic and free society. This new combination will feature Karthika Nair as the lead actress. The co-producer UTV's Dhananjayan has a lot to tweet about the movie - 
"Purampokku will be our next release in Jan'15. The film shoot is nearing completion after shooting a long schedule in the jail set. It will be a major solo release, whichever day it releases. Will not pitch against any major film.
Two songs from new music director Vashan, shot with Vijay Sethupathi are super gana dance numbers. Loved them. Other details soon. The music release in 3rd week of Nov'14 in a grand manner planned"
It is also confirmed that the trailer will be released on Youtube soon this evening or tomorrow morning. With a lot of loaded information from the producer, the fans are expected to stay put for a grand and extravagant opening in early 2015.



2 super 'gana' songs from Vijay Sethupathi

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