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4 rabies injections for Sibiraj

Sibiraj gets bitten by a dog 13 times

Jul 31, 2014

While we have heard stories of heroes taking variety of risks for a film, from hanging upside down to jumping from a chopper, here’s a new kind of risk that we don’t come across every day.


Actor Sibiraj, who is doing the lead in Naaigal Jaagirathai, got bitten by a dog 13 times during the shoot and he had to get rabies injections four times.

Apparently this Belgian Shepherd went around the sets taking a bite of every unit member present. Director Sakthi Soundar Rajan and cinematographer Nizam were the only members who were spared.

Belgian Shepherds are the common breed of dogs used by the Indian army and the team claims that, despite its bite marathon, the dog is an easily trainable breed. Apparently, it plays a major part in Naaigal Jaakirathai.

The movie is a slapstick comedy, with a pinch of thriller element in it. Satyaraj has produced the film and Dharan Kumar is the composer.  


4 rabies injections for Sibiraj

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