Thalaivaa Singapore Review

Thalaivaa Singapore Review

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Thalaiva released today amidst gargantuan hype and high fan frenzy. The expectation is high from this Vijay – Vijay duo association which has a regular A.L. Vijay crew comprising cameraman Nirav Shah, editor Anthony and music director G. V. Prakash Kumar and produced by Chandra Prakash Jain. Has the team succeeded in giving the perfect entertainer?
It was so hard to get tickets in Singapore as the theatre owners were not sure about the release. Tickets reservation started on the 7th august and Singapore's Indians got a chance to experience the premier show on the 8th August itself .With Singapore`s national day holiday and Hari Raya (Ramzan) holiday, it  is expected for family audience to be mixed around with Vijay fans . Now let’s get into the review (Spoiler -Free)
Thalaiva is basically about Viswa (Vijay), a dancer, who is leading a dance group "Thamizh Pasanga" as well as taking care of his "Ganga" water bottle business in Australia. While being busy balancing both his passion and business, our hero falls in love with our Heroine. Guess what! It’s not only him but Santhanam and a number of Australian Indians fall for Amala Paul too. As usual after some cat and mouse games, love blossoms between Vijay and Amala Paul.(watch out for one of our Indian Youtube sensation in the film) What’s next ? Amala Paul Father (Suresh) wants to see Vijay's father in regards of the wedding plan. The rest of the film is about Vijay’s father (Sathyaraj), what happened to him?  How Vijay  became Thalaiva forms the rest of the story.
The film is very slow in pace throughout the movie. The romantic episodes with Amala Paul are cute and lovely especially during the dance practice between the love duo.
Amala Paul has a good scope in first half however she is missed in the second half. However she is not the typical commercial cinema heroine who makes glamorous appearances in songs or dance. It’s great that she did the dubbing for herself and there is no problem with it. It is more natural and suitable for her character. Bravo! As usual Santhanam rocked the screen with his great comedy line and made the audience burst into laughter.
The Villain has nothing to do in the film except for meditating and chanting his enemy name.
Coming back to our main man Vijay, he looks as youthful as ever. His costumes have changed after Thuppakki. He is more stylish and lovely as ever. Its lovely to see him change his get ups throughout the film. We got a dancer Vijay who has great costume, a depression Vijay with stubble, a Thalaiva Vijay with white shirt and thick moustache as well as his final form as a Thalaivar at the end of the movie. There is no punch dialogue. This is one of his settled performance. His prowess at dance and fights is well-known. There is no complain about them. Thanks to the fight master Silva, we don't have Vijay doing unnecessary flying stunts like in the movie Kuruvi. 
Now, for the other Vijay, this film is inspired by Nayagan and Hindi film Saktar. The screen play is slow. Don’t expect a very pacy screen play like Thuppakki however he put great twist in the films. Look out for the one before the interval. Performances and scenes were okay. One can feel that he is better doing subjective films like Theivathirumagan and Madrasipattinam
G. V. Prakash Kumar  songs are a hit already especially Vanganna Vanakangana. However the bgm is a let down.
Nirav Shah camerawork is flawless and has captured the Mumbai and Australia very well. 
Editor Anthony work is also not pleasing as an action film, it is super long and slow. We can't blame him either as the scenes are such.
To end it up, Thalaiva is strictly for Vijay fans. Do not keep Thuppaki in mind while watching the movie.
Siva Sakthi

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