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More developments in the Cheran daughter controversy

Aug 04, 2013

The controversy surrounding Cheran's daughter Damini, continues to rage. Cheran met the press today at the RKV Studios in Chennai and said that his daughter's boyfriend Chandrasekhar aka Chandru had duped many girls from rich families before, in the name of love. 

"He doesn't have a proper education and neither is he an assistant director. He isn't eligible in anyway and I had actually advised him to get a job which pays him at least 10000 rupees and then seek my daughter's hand. I was ready to support their love if it was indeed true.
We had actually found out that his entire family is into fraudulent activities and we appeal to the concerned authorities, through the press, to undertake a proper investigation about them. There are already 4 cases registered on Chandru in the KK Nagar Police Station and we will produce all this evidence in court as we don't wish to disturb the lives of the girls in question." 
Yesterday, Cheran submitted a written complaint at the City Police Commissioner's office and was accompanied by Sarath Kumar, Ameer, Radha Ravi and S P Jananathan. This was in response to a complaint against him by his daughter stating that he had threatened to kill Chandru if he didn't end ties with his daughter. 
Cheran believed that Damini might have been threatened into lodging a complaint against him by Chandru after she had initially expressed about being subjected to emotional torture by a sadistic Chandru. She even submitted a complaint to this effect on July 10, Cheran said. 
Chandru, who was summoned to the Thousand Lights police station, allegedly threatened to commit suicide. He has now been sent home with police protection. Damini is now in a Government home and Cheran's wife, Selvarani has fallen ill due to these developments and is now in a private hospital.




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