Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal Movie Review by Common Man:

Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal Movie Review by Common Man:

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This movie created some expectation as it is comeback movie for Vasanth after “Satham Podathae” in 2007 and it had wonderful songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Multi-star cast movies do not come often in Tamil Cinema and this is one of the movies which has Arjun, Cheran and Vimal playing the lead roles.

Story: This film was not a love story but a "story about love". The film deals with three type of love stories, featuring the three lead characters, in three landscapes. The incident that connects these 3 characters as a thread forms the crux of the story.

Story starts with love between Vimal & Lasini (debutant). First 40 minutes of the movie will test the patience of anyone whoever watches the movie. Lasini’s face will not be shown in the movie for first 15 minutes to maintain some curiosity. It would have been better if her face was not shown till the end. Except Vimal, anyone who ever watches his movies, will know that Urban Character doesn’t fit him. This movie too joins the list.

Cheran & Muktha Bhanu (Thamirabarani’s heroine) story is quite better than Vimal’s story. Muktha Bhanu loves Cheran while Cheran loves to sacrifice his life for the welfare of the released criminals. Bhanu had really done a wonderful job and she scores much more than any other person in this movie. As usual, Cheran had done a role similar to his earlier movies and has acted as much as he can.

Arjun & Surween (debutant) story is the best one and it occupies the last 30 -40 minutes in the movie. Both, Arjun and Surween have acted well. Arjun ( Swimming coach) trains & motivates his student / girl friend to participate in Olympics swimming competition and win the title.

Yuvan Shankar Raja gives his best when he works along with few directors. He had given excellent Melody songs in this movie. “Kadhal Endhan Kaadhal” & “Aaha Kadhal Konji Pesudhae” were definitely the best songs in 2013. Vasanth had not done justice to Yuvan with the picturization of the songs.

“Stop the Paatu, Indha Paatu Engaluku Venam” Song was good to hear, but it came at the wrong moment in the movie. Even, audience felt "Stop the Paatu". Vasanth had introduced Rithwik Vasanth (his son) in this movie through this song. He doesn’t have any role in the movie, simply dances for this song , which is completely not needed for this movie. Rithwik Vasanth had danced well and looks good. Vasanth must have used him in Vimal’s role, instead of spoiling the pace of the movie which was already damn slow.

Bhojan K. Dinesh’s cinematography was too good. Movie was shot in Beautiful locations in Kerala, Nagercoil, Ooty and Hyderabad.

Director Vasanth had given good Romantic Feel Good Movies to Tamil Cinema. There is no doubt, that content in the movie is too good. But, the screenplya which movies at snail pace spoils it. Even, characterization of Vimal & Lasini plays the huge spoilsport for the movie. There are scenes in the movie which are much slower than T.V Serials.

Overall,       Vimal’s love story – 1 / 5

               Cheran’s love story – 2 / 5

                 Arjun’s love story – 3 / 5

            Yuvan’s Song & BGM – 4 / 5

Rating of this movie by Common Man - 2 / 5

senthil kumar

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