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''Will Vishwaroopam 2 be controversial?'', Pooja Kumar answers

Aug 27, 2013

Pooja Kumar who acted as Kamal Haasan’s wife in Vishwaroopam, spoke about her role in Vishwaroopam 2 in a recent interview. She mentioned that she would not be playing a nagging wife like what she played in the first part of the sequel and that she would be involved in a lot of action sequences.

My expertise as a scuba diver has been put to full use” she says.

Speaking about the controversy surrounding the release of Vishwaroopam, she mentioned that Kamal Haasan should have the freedom to express his thoughts as this is a democracy. She also added that the censor board has been appointed and trained to allow only those films that are for entertainment and for the welfare of the audience.

In whatever way. At least it had an impact and that's what I think we all, including Kamal sir, were looking for.” She added

She is quite sure that there will be no controversy in Vishwaroopam 2 and that the  movie should come out without any problem.



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