Raja Rani - Emotionally Connected!!

Raja Rani - Emotionally Connected!!

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Happened to see Raja-Rani 
After witnessing lots of dark and light comedies in recent past, here is one movie which got the emotions right. The movie is a mix of comedy, romance, bromance and good amount of emotions!! Hats off to Atlee for the great product!!
A Marriage in the beginning with beautiful BGM.......and then kattipudi kattipudi song in the background and all the clothes were strewn around the new house......One would really expect something gonna happen...but we saw nayanthara crying and arya watching TV.....a perfect opening sequence to show the marriage without interest!!
With two excellent flashbacks and a bit lengthy climax, Raja Rani is a neat emotional ride!!
Coming to performances, Nayanthara clearly beats everybody and peaked the top position and I am sure she s gonna bag vijay award, filmfare award, SIIMA award and other awards for best female lead for 2013-14! A Grand comeback for the glam queen......She outperformed everybody in this movie.....There were so many scenes to show her acting skill and one such is the scene in the car with her father (Sathyaraj)...Its one of the best scenes in this movie and one among the best among other movies.....excellent emotions between a daughter and dad!! great work nayan! And her epilepsy acting were so natural!! Kudos yaar!! get ready for the awards lady!
Arya is a usual boy next door......but for how many movies we are gonna see him boozing around and blabbering!! But his romance with nazriya is really cute..short but sweet flashback it was!!
Jai is really a show stealer in this movie!! Its an extension of his engeyum eppothum, but he has done a marvellous job in RR....donno why he got sidelined in all the promotions of the movie!! Award for supporting actor is sure for him!!
Nazriya...cute a short time she has really captivated all the hearts including mine!!
Sathyaraj, Santhanam and Sathyan - Three cheers to these three artists......For his age, Sathyaraj and Prabhu were the only yesteryear heroes, doing meaningful movies now a days!! Santhanam and his one line comedies were really superb!! Rajenndran as boss of arya and santhanam is a great thinking by atlee...funny fellow!!
Songs were not so great except for ode ode.....BGM was really superb in most of the scenes!! Good GV!! Rich photography, nice art works were the supporting pillars of this movie!! Atlee, the young director is sure to go places!! All the best atlee!!
Raja Rani - Emotionally well connected!!
My score - 3.5 out of 5
Happy Guy

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