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Nayanthara isn't pregnant !!!

Published Date:
Jul 10, 2013

The Tamil - Telugu bilingual version of Vidya Balan's Kahaani, directed by Sekhar Kammula, and titled Anamika has been making smooth progress and the film has been targeted as a Dussehra release on October 11.

The film's plot is mostly the same as the original but there are few changes which have been made to the remake. The major one is that Nayanthara won't be pregnant in the movie and there is a new twist which has been thrown into the plot.

The fact that Vidya Balan was pregnant in Kahaani, helped her character Vidya Bagchi achieve her motives, as a pregnant woman is generally helped by people in anyway. But here Anamika won't be pregnant and we have to see how she goes about her mission.

Fans who have seen the original were bowled over by the twist in the climax of Kahaani and whether the remake can achieve a similar effect among the viewing audiences has to be seen. Vaibhav Reddy plays the cop who helps Nayanthara all along.



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