Jilla Vs. Veeram

Jilla Vs. Veeram

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1. ACT - Vijay in Jilla  has done a wonderful job. His body language is entirely different in this film. Vijay's act in Comedy scenes as well as sentiment scenes are good enough not only for his fans, but it appeals to general audience too. Apart from Vijay the next scorer is Malayalam Super Star MohanLal. But Director fails to deliver the real acting skills of the legend MohanLal. Character artists like Poornima Bhagyaraj, Mahat and Niivetha Thomas are just OK
Ajith in Veeram has done an outstanding job. His body language is unique and Ajith Scores more in Comedy as well as action scenes. Ajith reaches mass by his unusual comic as well as action scenes. Apart from Ajith the other brother characters, Nasser , have done their job neatly. 
2. VILLAIN - MohanLal, Vijay are shown as negative characters in this film. I think , first time in a mass film, Vijay's character is portrayed with negative shade upto interval. MohanLal as a Dada has shown good effect in dialog delivery. But the screenplay does not provide him more chances. Sampath as Villain at climax is a good twist. But Sampath's act as a main Villain in front of Vijay's heroism doesn't suit much.
As usual Ajith delivers once again a negative shade till the interval. Other local Villain as well the Atul Kulkarni shows perfect roaring performance , which makes Ajith Heroism more worthy in second half. The screen play helps the Villain characters a lot and which in turn makes Ajith 's Heroism more meaning full.
3. GLAMOUR - Kajal Aggarwal in Jilla once again proves her neat chemistry with Vijay. In Song sequences, Kajal looks more cute and scores well
Tamannah in Veeram is too cute in her appearance. But her chemistry with Ajith is little bit disappointing. Otherwise Tamannah scores well
4. COMEDY -  Soori's comedy works in part, while Thambi  Ramiah comedy fails in Jilla.  
Santhanam's Comedy works big time, while Thambi Ramiah's comedy too scores well in Veeram 
5. SONGS & BJM - Songs of Jilla are outstanding. Imman Scores well in all songs except the last song " Mama treatu " . BJM is not so engaging , and theme music is good , but Imman has used the theme music several times in the film, which is tedious.
Songs of Veeram are Average, while the introductory song with DSP voice  is mass appealing . But DSP scores in theme music and BGM exceptionally.
6. CINEMATOGRAPHY - Jilla Cinematography is above average , while in Veeram it is Good
7. DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY - In Jilla, dance choreography is good in all the songs except the last song while in Veeram the choreography of the 1st and last songs are good.
8.STUNT CHOREOGRAPHY - In Jilla Stunt Siva scores Average , while in Veeram Stunt Siva scores Good
9. STORY - Jilla story is somewhat different for a Vijay Film initially, and it attains the usual path after interval, while Veeram story is a usual story all through .
11. PRODUCTION VALUE - I find no differences in production values of both the films. Both films have couple of foreign location in songs, Average sets, and average costumes, which clearly shows the expenses might be more for the leading casts salaries rather than for the other production expenses. But the train fight in Veeram provides more score for Veeram, while that type of rich fight scenes lacks in Jilla. 
12. DIRECTION - Nesan as a one film old director fails partly in bringing the excellent screen presence of Mohan Lal to the audience , while he shows Vijay in new Avatar. Nesan's narration is little bit tedious. 
                         Siva scores well throughout the film, by simple formula of mixing Heroism , Comedy, Action, and Sentiments in proper proportions. But while seeing the film, we may come across in our mind  with flashes of memories of Rajini's old films as well as  Vikraman's films
VERDICT-  Both Jilla and Veeram are watch worthy masala films.
                 If You are a Vijay fan, See Jilla twice or  thrice and See Veeram Once 
                 If you are a Ajith fan,  then See Veeram twice or thrice and See Jilla Once 
                 If you are a neutral, and wanted to time pass this Pongal holidays , see both the films at least once and enjoy the Pongal
Jay John

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