Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal Movie Review by Common Man

Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal Movie Review by Common Man

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Story: OKOK Story (Santhanam acts as LOVE GURU) with few family sentiment scenes.
Udhayanidhi Stalin –Udhayanidhi has improved a little, but long way to go in all departments. His scenes along with Nayanthara & Santhanam have come out well. Santhanam teases him stating that he can't do any expressions in the movie & audience too may feel the same. He has improved in his dancing and has performed well in “Maelae Maelae” Song.
Nayanthara – She has got a better characterization in this movie than Hansika in OKOK. Nayanthara looks cute without makeup in the second half. 
Santhanam – He plays his usual role of helping the hero to propose the heroine in this movie too. He doesn’t have much screen presence for 45 – 50 minutes and after his combo scenes with Udhayanidhi & Nayanthara only, movie picks up some momentum. As usual, he had delivered some good one-liners. He has got an intro song in this movie, along with Udhayanidhi Stalin, which seems to be forced into the script.
Sunder Ramu – He has done Villain role in this movie and his role is half-baked one.
Saranya Ponvannan & Aadukalam Naren have done Udhayanidhi’s parents role in this movie. Scene between them have come out really well. Saranya has really rocked with her performance as usual.
Chaya Singh, Mayilsamy, Jayaprakash & Bharath Reddy have done supporting actor roles to perfection.
Music by Harris Jayaraj – Maelae Maela & Vizhiyae Vizhiyae songs will be treat to the eyes & ears, due to excellent cinematography by Balasubramaniem. Songs were good, but having 3 duet songs in a movie, which doesn't create any impact to the script is a big letdown.
Editor Don Bosco could have cut at least 2 songs and few unnecessary scenes in the first half to reduce the duration of the movie by 15- 20 minutes. Movie runs for more than 150 minutes and it will test the patience of the audience as it moves at a slow pace in the first half.
Director Prabhakaran – His script & dialogues in Sundarapandian was awesome. But, in this movie, he has tried to have scenes similar to “OKOK” and at the same time, have tried to keep some emotional and strong dialogues. But, unfortunately, he couldn't deliver it.
Overall, IKK is definitely not a laugh riot like OKOK or as good as Sundarapandian in the content.
First Half – 2 / 5 & Second Half – 2.5 / 5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.25 / 5 
Rating of this movie for people who loved Sundarapandian or OKOK – 2.5 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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