Annakodi Movie Review by Common Man

Annakodi Movie Review by Common Man

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Story: It is almost remake of 16 Vayathilae with inspirations from Sindhu Samaveli & Bharatiraja’s earlier movies.

Lakshman Narayan makes his debut through this movie. He doesn’t fit the rural guy role in the movie. He has to improve on all departments.

Karthika Nair – It is her second Tamil movie after Ko. Her characterization was very BOLD and she had done a decent job.

Manoj Bharatiraja & Rama Prabha have acted very well in this movie. This is one of the best ever role for Manoj as Villain and he had done an excellent job. Though, in few scenes, he had acted much more than required.

Editor Pazhanivel & G.V. Prakash have done their job. But, poor screenplay spoils their work.
Bharathiraja will direct movies which are very realistic. But, in this movie, he had used poor visual graphics in the movie for even showing birds which looks very artificial. He is one of the best screenplay writers of Tamil Cinema, but he had failed miserably in that department in this movie. Movie had been certified as U/A, but, it deserves to be certified as “A’’ as they are few vulgar scenes in the movie. First Half of the movie will test the patience of anyone whoever watches the movie. Second Half of the movie has lots of Bold scenes and travels without engaging screenplay.

Overall, Annakadi is completely outdated movie from Bharathiraja.
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 1 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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