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Tamil film directors thank the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Tamil film directors thank the state's Chief Minister

Feb 19, 2014
The Tamil Film Directors Fraternity has thanked the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms. J. Jayalalitha and her government, for the recent verdict on the death sentences of Rajiv Gandhi's alleged assassins.
Cheran and Gowthaman
"A race fought for the release of three ... Leaders voiced their opinion ... Organizations fought for their release ... A sister, by name Sengodi, set herself on fire ... And, a mother walked for 23 years, for the release of her son, who had lost his entire adulthood. 
We will never know how much she suffered. When the Central Government and the Court announced the death sentence for the three, we witnessed the pain she went through. Hence, this verdict is her victory. This verdict is the victory of her tears.
We thank the Tamils who participated in this protest.
Most importantly, we thank our Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms. J. Jayalalitha."
"The cancellation of the death sentences of Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes me content. 
Judge Sadasivam and his team have reinforced our belief in the nation and its laws. All Tamils in the world are indebted to thank the CM of Tamil Nadu with our heartfelt tears.
At a time when the mercy plea of Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan were rejected by the President and their death sentences were about to be executed, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly under the CM's leadership has cancelled this death sentence and brought about a historical verdict. 
In addition to this, the order to free Nalini, Ravichandran, Robert Pious and J.Kumar, who were spending the past 23 years of their life in jail, is one which gives a lot of happiness to all the Tamils around the world.
This is an unforgettable day in the lives of all Tamils and an important day in our history."


Tamil film directors thank the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

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