A Legendary Log-In

A Legendary Log-In

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In this age where novelty is the need of audience... In this age where lads are the leaders in entertainment.. In this age where single tracks strike a chord with the listeners.. In this age where 'Kolaveri ' and 'Gangnam Style' went viral over the internet, here arrive our legends with an enduring and elegant entry to promote their movie.. 

Rajnikanth + A R Rahman + Vairamuthu + S P Balasubramaniam + A period song.. Sounds like an archaic combination.. But only till you listen to this single track 'Enge Pogudho Vaanam' from 'Kochadaiyaan' ..
This song is a beateous blend of manly music, lively lyrics and valarous voice.. Sure arouses the interest in you as to look out for the style quotient provided by Rajnikanth in the motion-capture format.. But you would only end up seeing a lyrical video.. And the striking fact is that despite being a lyrical video, it has managed to garner 2,30,000+ views in a span of mere 2 days .. 

The song is not less than a successful irony.. The music is matured, yet modish.. The lyrics are limited to pure Tamil, yet they are wide traversing.. This 'old' song is all new, novel, leading, striking and viral..  

With due respect to Rajnikanth for the huge hero that he is, the true heroes of this song happen to be SPB when he sings spiritedly, ARR when SPB doesn't sing (the beautiful background scores, I meant) and Vairamuthu, when you recall those lovely lyrics after listening to the song..  
A particular part of this song goes like this.. 
'Kaatrin Paadalgal Endrume Theeraathu

Vetri Changoli Endrume Oyathu.. Oyathu..' 

(Meaning : The songs of the air never exhaust .. The victorious conches never rest) .. The song itself is a towering testimony for these lines.
'Kochaidaiyaan- The Legend' sure makes a Legendary-Log In to the online arena with all our legends doing the right job at it...

Thanking You,
Siddharth Prasanna
Siddharth Prasanna

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