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The beginning of an end

The introductory episode successfully began with Rahul and Aadhya’s first date.


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Here’s the second part that dwells on differences, destiny and so much more. 

“Jeez, relax. It’s not a knife”, he stated as he brought out the present for her. It was a beautiful chain with a pink pendant. He unfastened the clasp and put it around her neck. As Aadhya let out a sigh, Rahul admired her from head to toe. She bustled away as he continued checking her out with a grin.

After reaching home, Rahul took a long hot shower and drowned himself in thoughts. He thought of her kohl lined eyes and the strands of her hair that she brushed away from her face every now and then. “How did I get so lucky?” he pondered as he called his sister. “So, What happened? Did you meet her? What’s she like? How did it go?”, his sister delivered one query after the another. He smiled to himself and said “I love her. She is just what’s been missing from my life. We fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s like I have found just what I needed in her”.

“Love?”, she quizzed. “I know we met on an online platform but it’s more than just that. It’s like we get each other totally and we like the same things. I think this is one of those moments, wherein you feel destiny really exists” he stated. His sister shook her head in disbelief and asked him to take it slow despite his over-enthusiasm.

With time Rahul and Aadhya got to know each other better and found out that they liked the same things. His sense of responsibility and intellectualness was what attracted Aadhya towards him the most. He was perfection personified.  Rahul was a sensitive, caring and genuine gentleman. He was the real life version of Ross Geller and a nerd by all means.   Their relationship was the kind, people would prefer to put forth as the model ones. She treated him with respect and the duo gave each other the space they deserved. Because of the oh so many pros, their relationship flourished with time. He slowly felt himself getting addicted to her while she found her mother in him.

It’s amazing how god brings people who belong to each other. People might be brought together despite their differences in cultures,religions and languages. Though the struggle in becoming together is difficult, it becomes well-earned at the end of being together.

Aadhya’s kundli had claimed that a long lost prince will come in search of her from an unknown land. Is it going to come true, is he going to be the one? She mulled over as she slept off that night.

Rahul Bhattacharjee and Aadhya Narayanan are they destined to be together? 

To be continued.. 

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