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A SWOT Analysis of Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Puli by Kaushik L M


With Puli set for release in 7 days' time on the 1st of October, let's spend some time to do a quick SWOT analysis of this Vijay starrer, with a plethora of other stars and established technicians on board.
- Being an Ilayathalapathy film, he leads the way obviously. The teaser, stills and trailer showcase the star providing much entertainment through his energy, charm, swag, stunts, dances, romance and comedy. Vijay is known for such a commercial package, and given the period fantasy adventure genre of the film, there is bound to be something more to it too. Vijay in multiple roles is a big possibility as well, and there is a curiosity that the film has something to do with time travel too. With not much known about the plot, Puli is an impending feast for Vijay fans and something new and gutsy too.
- Then there is the Sridevi comeback factor and the presence of Hansika, Shruti Haasan, making Puli one big celebration of feminine stardom, beauty and talent. Given Chimbu Deven's prior track record, we can expect all these women to have meaty roles and some bearing on the film's outcome. Sridevi's presence has particularly made Puli hotter than usual, in markets outside of Tamil Nadu.
- We have the likes of Sudeep and Prabhu adding some serious acting muscle to the film. There are many more noted, talented names in the cast list of Puli. It is one big conglomeration !
- The Lilliput (chithira kullan) characters are expected to be a riot, and children in particular should love these segments to the core. 'Jingiliya', all the way.
- The producers, SKT Studios haven't spared any expense for the production design, VFX, costumes, stunts, accessories, locations and other production intricacies. Bringing together such a cast list and talented technicians such as Sreekar Prasad, Devi Sri Prasad, Natty, Muthuraj and Kamalakannan is in itself a big coup of sorts. 
- Puli's production value looks massive and the teaser and trailer unanimously reiterate that it isn't a tacky affair one bit. Importantly, after Baahubali, with so much emphasis on VFX, Puli seems to have passed this important test. The censor board also appreciated the VFX work recently. Good tidings !
- The release time looks ideal, with a huge simultaneous worldwide opening in 3 languages on Oct 1. After the big 4-day opening weekend, there aren't any big Tamil films scheduled at least till Oct 21st, and this sets up the platform well for Puli to create box-office history. The tax exemption results are keenly awaited, as with exemption, the film is bound to become even more lucrative for the trade, than it already is.
- The songs by Devi Sri Prasad haven't hit the right notes. Except 'Yaendi Yaendi', the other numbers do need the visual push to generate more buzz. We have to wait and watch how the visuals aid the songs. For a Vijay film, Puli definitely could have had a better soundtrack. Even the score in the teaser, trailer have come in for some criticism. We have to see how DSP's RR fares in the film.
- With such a phenomenal period fantasy blockbuster such as Baahubali still fresh in audience's minds, comparisons are bound to arise among viewers and critics, keeping Baahubali as the benchmark. This is actually a factor not in Puli's control.
- The Telugu and Hindi versions of Puli give Vijay a major opportunity to establish his market and presence in Andhra / Telangana and the North Indian belt, where he is still an emerging force.
- With Vijay's very strong base in TN, Kerala, Karnataka and all the major Tamil overseas markets such as Malaysia, US, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, Singapore etc. Puli has every chance to zoom past the 100 crores gross mark. If the Telugu and Hindi versions are also accepted, then this worldwide gross mark is bound to swell even more.
- Puli gives director Chimbu Deven a major opportunity to join the league of big directors. When we first came to know that Vijay would be working with Chimbu, it was a surprise indeed. But there is no doubting Chimbu's creativity, liking for the fantasy genre, quirky comedy and stuff. We can be assured that he would have treated Puli with the maximum passion and care. His work would unfold in front of our eyes in just a week.
- Upcoming actress Nandita is also said to have a pivotal little role which has been guarded well till now. Puli may well be her big ticket to the next level.
- As with any other much-awaited superstar film, the weight of humongous expectations is the biggest threat that one can think of, for Puli. 
- Other films aren't expected to affect Puli in Tamil Nadu, but the competition for the Telugu and Hindi dubbed versions would be a factor. Singh is Bling in Hindi would be a big opponent indeed.
So as always, let's hope that Puli runs on its own merits, without any roadblocks and hurdles like piracy and other last minute controversies, legal issues and financial issues.

Good Luck Ayya :)
Kaushik LM

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